I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E :
My typefaces are no longer available for re-distribution, that means if you have a font site and want to put my fonts on it, you can't! It's due to companies that have been using my typefaces and where they downloaded it the readme.txt file that holds important information regarding shareware payment wasn't included. these shareware typefaces are only going to be available for downloading from my site from now on. I'm really sorry about this but it's something i have to do and i hope you understand.

this is the fuelfonts type foundry shareware font archive, here you will find all the shareware fonts ever released by fuelfonts. I've put them all on one big page since people used to have trouble finding all fonts on the old. As you might notice, the quality differs very much, but you could say these fonts represent the evolution of my type design, from Inkybear, my very first font to newer fonts like Ashbury and Bazooka. Many of these fonts don't have many characters either, some just have A-Z and some have numbers and punctuation. I hope you will enjoy these fonts and use them often!

Copyright © 1997-2008 Claes Källarsson.
All Rights Reserved.

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